About Us

The Sportsman’s Banquet was started in 2002. We are a nonprofit organization. We do not keep the proceeds. Every dollar that comes in goes toward the banquet and bringing people to Jesus Christ.

It began from a meeting a staff member had with a group of people within the church who wanted a new way, something ‘out of the box’, to reach people for Jesus Christ. From that meeting came the idea to reach outdoorsmen.

Lancaster is a small town that is big into hunting, fishing and a variety of outdoor activities. There are a lot of good, hardworking men that love to hunt and fish and see the beauty of God’s creation, but they might not attend church or weren’t brought up in the church. A lot of these men have families. Statistics show that if you can reach the man in the family you can reach the rest of the family.

The same group of people that met and wanted something different, prayed about it and The Sportsman’s Banquet was created.

The first banquet was held in the fellowship hall, had a guest speaker, BBQ, and some bluegrass music. There were also prizes given, many of which came from the staff. The first banquet was a success with about 350 people attending, mostly men, and about 40 coming to a decision to learn more about Jesus Christ. Having the Banquet had been a good decision and it was decided that there was a need to minister to this group.

Our event has become a family event with the men bringing their wives and children, which is something we are truly excited about! We have so many children now that they have their own registration and we have a huge number of children’s prizes.¬†We are reaching more and more children every year and bridging the generational gap of children not hearing about Jesus Christ.

Each year our event has grown and sells out early. We have been successful with meeting our goal of reaching out to the outdoorsmen of Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Last year our event brought in about 1,000 people. Since 2002 over 500 people have made a decision to learn more about Jesus Christ. We still have the same format and goal as when we first started – good food, fellowship, entertainment, and hearing about Jesus Christ.

We hope you will join us and look forward to seeing you!